Rosa Howze is a concert pianist, music instructor and composer whose style fuses the genres of popular, and contemporary classical music. A native New Yorker, Rosa’s musical career began in childhood performing at Laconia Presbyterian Church in the Bronx, New York.  By the age of 13, she was performing in school musicales and recitals.

     Classically trained, Rosa always had a heart for music and began reading and playing the piano when she was six years old.  Rosa’s initial desire to perform, sing and write originated at a young age hoping she would be able to emulate her mother, Cheryl, who was a singer and a pianist.  Under her mother’s tutelage, she honed her chops and developed the necessary disciplines which strengthened her understanding of music theory and performing.


     Rosa aspired to perform and touch people through music her whole life but was unable to pursue this goal when at the age of 16 she became pregnant.  Feeling the enormous pressures of being a teenage mother coupled with the possibility that she could never go back to music, turned her focus towards being the best mother she could be and pursuing her education.

While many years had passed since she looked at music or even touched a piano, the desire to perform and her passion for music never left her.  In 2012 at a chance meeting volunteering for a local phonebank, she met who would later become her instructor and mentor, Anita Short.  After their initial meeting, Ms. Short offered her contact information with instructions to call if she wanted to take lessons.  It had been a whole year before Rosa called to set up her first lesson but when she did, it felt as though she hadn’t missed a beat.  Rosa also went on to study under Ethel Olsen of The Music School of Delaware where she strengthened her technique and performance style.

     Receiving quality instruction has enabled Rosa to develop her confidence in her abilities and to finally realize a long-time dream come true.  Since 2014, she has performed at different venues up to and including Seeds of Greatness Bible Church, The Music School of Delaware and as an accompanist for the Wilmington High School Alumni Choir.


     Rosa’s mission is to be able to affect people in a positive way through music and to encourage others following this same vision through her example and music education.  She endeavors to associate with other musicians trying to find the balance between living everyday lives while searching for ways to amplify their talents.  The relationships Rosa hopes to cultivate will be of a collaborative nature where both could glean from one another and enjoy the opportunity to stretch their gifts together.

     Rosa has since strayed from the confines of the musical score, and now tries to embrace more flexibility in her performances. Her heroes include Prince, Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, Oleta Adams, Patrice Rushen and Brian McKnight. 

     Rosa has lived in Delaware for over 15 years.  She is the older of two daughters and a proud single mother of one son, Darine Howze, filmmaker, creator and founder of InspireMe Productions.


     Rosa is an avid YouTuber and enjoys uploading her interpretations of popular songs to the site. 


Her ultimate dream: to perform around the world!