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Did You Enjoy Rose Pedals' Performance?

Post your feedback here! Take the time to read everyone's review on Rose Pedals' performance(s). Let us know where you watched performance and how you liked it. 

Danielle Tara Brown

Rosa never disappoints! Her keyboard skills are like none other! Rosa played at our Virtual High Tea program today. We requested Andra Day’s Rise Up and she gave us our wish! It was beautifully played! Thanks Rosa for making our event extra special!

Tanya Bayne

I spoke with Rose about providing On-line Piano lessons for my soon to be 12 year old granddaughter. Rose is a natural teacher ! She engaged and connected with her immediately making her feel very comfortable and responsive. This is an accomplishment because my granddaughter is respectful but typically maintains a nonchalant demeanor about everything! After just a very few minutes of speaking with Rose she was answering and asking questions. By her 2nd lessons she was very attentive and playing songs. Before her next lesson she practiced without hesitation . Rose is a truly a multitalented GEM !!!

LaQwin Chapman

I have had so many more experiences with Rosa, this is just one of many! She has been amazing every single time I have worked woth her. Rehearsals are not only productive but fun and full of great vibes. Performimg with her has been nothing but fun. She is orofessional, on time, plays well and is extremely dedicated to her craft. I would refer her to anyone and cannot wait to work with her again!

Allison T Walker

Rosa performed at the Love Makes America Great Day and her sound was angelical! She was very pleasant and easy to speak with. I would hire her again!

Caroline Etuhoko


Amazing performance in our virtual dance party. Our audience really loved your time with us. We’re are looking forward to have you again soon.


I enjoyed your classic covers. Looking forward to listening to more.

Crystal H.

An Instagram fan

Watching Rose Pedals' musical journey is a delight. I enjoy watching her Cover Classic Wednesdays on Instagram Live. I can't wait to see what she'll do in the future.