The C.A.S.H. Legacy Foundation

The C.A.S.H. Legacy Foundation (“CASH”) is a nonprofit organization that promotes the institution and sustainability of music education and the arts across all disciplines.


CASH was established in 2019 by Rosa Marie Howze in honor of the memory of her mother, Cheryl Ann Sampson Howze who died in March of 2015.  An alumnus of Howard University, Cheryl spent many years of her life as an educator, pianist and vocalist.  It was her vision to offer her students opportunities to realize the possibilities and advantages available to them through music education and the arts.  


Our mission is to endow funding and scholarship opportunities to students pursuing instruction in music education, the arts and other related concentrations of study.  In addition, our objective is to work collaboratively with academic institutions throughout the United States to extend programming and services designed to support the arts in a scholastic environment. 


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